Highway 515 Project

Heavy Equipment operating at Highway 515 project in southern Alberta

This project included the 14.5 kilometers of road construction. With topsoil stripping and common excavation, disposal of waste material, several culvert installations, granular fill, stabilization geotextiles, erosion control, and more.

The project consisted of 14.5 kilometers of Highway 515 road construction. With topsoil stripping and common excavation of  207,500m3, disposal of 25,400 m3 of waste material, 602m of 500mm, 245m of 600mm, 34m of 800mm, and 104m of 900mm culvert replacements, 8,900 tonnes of granular fill, 11,400m2 of stabilization geotextile, 44,220 tonnes of gravel surfacing, 228,400m2 of topsoil placement and seeding, 287m of guardrail, 20 impact attenuators, various erosion control installations, and delineator/sign installations. 

The project was completed in 2023.