Our Actions

We want the world to know what we represent. We state our Vision, Mission, and Values to inspire our employees and our customers because it is what we live by.

When you choose to engage Bullin Construction Co., this is what you can expect from us.

We are committed to

Our vision

It’s about our people, our projects, and how we perform them that matters.

“Our legacy – blending history and future knowledge, we bring together a skilled group of people to build the infrastructure of tomorrow.”

Our mission

It’s who we are, what we do, and why we are here.

“We are creators, we are builders, and we are problem solvers. We utilize all physical and natural assets responsibly. By being resourceful, we find opportunities for growth. We move earth for you, we construct for you, we contribute to the creation of new energy, and we purposely use natural resources to reduce waste.”

Our Values

It’s how we treat ourselves and others – our values guide our actions and our thinking.


We believe in a strong mind, a strong body, and a strong spirit. This is shown in all that we do. We are driven for success and align ourselves in our projects. We challenge ourselves to think outside the box and try new things. We are agile – we pivot, we learn, we build. We create meaningful relationships with our fellow workers, our clients, and our communities – we act when we are called upon and lean into the momentum that has been created.


We possess strong moral and ethical values. We hold ourselves and others accountable to the Bullin Construction Co. brand.


We are involved and interested in what we are doing. We recognize that each person has a purpose and role on the team. We show up each day ready to work and ready to contribute – that is our commitment. We take time to celebrate our successes and recognize that any failure is an opportunity to learn and grow. We return home safely after each shift.


We assess every situation to ensure that what are we doing results in the best possible outcome – we know our surroundings and have a high regard for safety. We are committed to open communication; we understand the value of time and money. We use the resources given to us to the best of our ability to thrive in the environment we are in.


We do not take others for granted. We respect our differences because that is what makes us a skilled group of people. We find the right fit for the right person on the right project. We learn together, we grow together, we respect ourselves and each other.


We are distinct. Our worksites are clean and orderly, our equipment is maintained and respected, our people are skilled, they are valued, and our work product exceeds expectations. We are recognized by the quality of our work.


We move in unison. We work together and we are process oriented – this ensures we hit our target.


We build our people, our people build our projects, and our projects build our company.

We are an inclusive, and equal opportunity employer that welcomes a diverse group of people. What matters to us is how our people perform their trade, and deliver on projects. At Bullin Construction Co., we invest in our people, we build bonds, we challenge our people to reach their full potential, and we support our communities.

Our culture is based on four key elements:

  • Our investments in our people – we provide competitive wages, a benefits plan, bonuses, incentives, and training/advancement opportunities.
  • Building bonds – it is in our DNA – we work hard, and we play hard. We show up to get the job done. This includes having fun, bringing laughter, and respecting each other through shared experiences. At BCC you can expect regular team-building activities, after hours family events, and on-site BBQs.
  • To challenge our people – we challenge all employees to reach their full potential. We showcase this through various incentives, recognition awards, and advanced training opportunities.
  • To support our communities – we recognize that each person has their own passion, and we show up to support you. We encourage volunteerism and will be by your side to build the communities that we choose to live, work, and play in.

What we put into our people, they put into our company.

To be successful, it requires the talent of a diverse group of people, and we are honored to provide a place of work to build people and projects.

Our company culture is achieved by working together to ensure a safe, fun, and active workplace.

“Achieving the Ultimate”