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We bring together a skilled group of people to build the infrastructure of tomorrow. When we perform work for our customers, we match people with projects. To learn more about Our People, check out their profiles. Call our main office any time to discuss your project:



Stewart Bullin

Stewart has been building the company for more than 50 years alongside his late father, Jack, and his son Mike. His knowledge within the construction sector is unparalleled. Stewart’s reputation is well known, and he continues to provide leadership within the company. In his spare time, Stewart enjoys online and live auctions where he always finds the next best piece of heavy equipment to align with Mike’s visionary plans for the company.

Mike Bullin

Mike was born into the construction industry and took a leadership role in the company in 2000. He is a visionary and remains focused on industry diversification, providing exceptional service to his customers, building a strong and capable workforce, and leaving a legacy. Mike’s knowledge of equipment, earthmoving, construction, and people shows in how he leads the company, manages projects, and interacts with his customers, clients, and suppliers.


Dana Flemmer

Dana has 30 years in business, finance, and accounting mainly within the construction sector. She joined our company in 2019 and has a deep commitment and dedication to her career. With a diploma in Business Administration majoring in Business/Office Technology, Dana is well-versed in all aspects of accounting and office management from payroll to job costing, and procurement. She is detail oriented, knowledgeable and customer focused.


Lee Waechter, CET

Lee has over 20 years of experience in the construction and equipment manufacturing sectors. He joined our company in 2021 as the lead estimator and project manager. Lee has extensive experience in estimation, quoting, reviewing customer specifications and engineering documents, schedule management, quality control, change management, and customer relations.

Lee grew up on a farm. He was hands on and involved in all aspects of equipment operations. He applied new technologies to modernize farming practices realizing the benefits that could be gained. In addition to life on the farm, Lee’s fascination grew every time he passed a construction site and saw people and equipment at work. His fascination transformed into a true passion. He shows up every day to work in construction, to leverage the capabilities of our equipment, to learn different practices, and to apply new technologies within the industry.

He continues to prove his capabilities and manages multiple projects concurrently from estimation through to completion. Because of this, Lee has been involved in core projects including the Wastewater Treatment Upgrade project for the Town of Bassano, the realignment of TWP Road 101, bridge demolition and culvert installations for Cypress County, Cell Construction, Capping and Berm Upgrades for the Newell Regional Landfill, Prince Street SE Road Rehabilitation for the City of Medicine Hat and more over the past few years.

As a Certified Engineering Technologist (CET) and a CADD Technical Illustrator, Lee prides himself on being able to solve problems quickly without affecting the schedule or the project. Lee is known as an honest, reliable, and hardworking person.


Keith Johnson

Keith has been helping keep people safe professionally for over a decade as a health and safety officer. His career kicked off in the oil and gas sector with welders and labours, evolved into commercial condominium developments, and now construction. With his varied background in health and safety, Keith draws on unique experiences from dealing with large cranes moving tanks, to working with employees and equipment at 50-foot heights, to dealing with high pressure painter and coaters. Each situation carries different risks and legislative requirements. He takes ownership in creating site specific safety plans.

Keith upholds a standard of safety and excellence expected at Bullin Construction Co. to ensure all our employees make it home at the end of the work-day safe. He is safety certified with CHSA-1 plus, Green Belt Lean Management, Accident/Incident Investigation, Leadership, First Aid, Forklift training and more. He is known to be calm, organized, and open.


Bill Laurendeau

Bill has 34 years experience in the construction industry with a solid reputation. Starting as a labourer in the oilfield in the late eighties he gained hands-on experience, began operating heavy equipment, and continued to be promoted through to a project manager. As a foreman in his early career at an earthworks company, he built numerous subdivisions and roads in the Calgary area. Being promoted to a project manager led him to Medicine Hat where he was involved in several large earthwork projects in southern Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Bill knows the land, how to move and transform it. Throughout his career, he worked on many high-profile projects that included the first phase of the Stoney Trail ring road in Calgary and the reconstruction of Highway 1 after it was washed out during a massive flood event. He has acquired many skills because of his years of experience and project management roles. This enables him to foresee issues before they arise, to address them with project stakeholders and to develop solutions early to prevent project delays and to reach successful completions.

With strong communication skills, Bill works hard to ensure projects run smoothly. He is a dedicated, hardworking, problem solver.

Wally Portelance

Wally has 30 years in construction. He is a project manager and a heavy equipment operator. Wally appreciates the uniqueness of each project, the people he leads, the diversity of communities worked, and the clients served.

Underground utility infrastructure, water, sewer, and storm lines are an important part of our every day lives – these utility networks hold our communities together. Wally takes pride in knowing that his skillset and passion for construction builds community and contributes to public safety. No two jobs are ever the same – what remains unchanged is the need to think critically, to problem solve, and to effectively schedule. Regardless of the size of the pipe, its installation will be unique from boring under railway lines to major road crossings, or under rivers and other utilities.

Wally remains on the top of his game to ensure the success of a project. He is dependable, approachable, and caring. Wally has a wonderful family with three boys, and a beautiful wife.

Darren Semeniuk

Darren has worked in the construction industry for over 30 years on a variety of projects such as road building, dams, canals, subdivisions, lease building, reclamation, and various other earthmoving projects. He is fully ticketed with WHIMIS, H2S Alive, First Aid, PCST, TDG, and Ground Disturbance Level II. Darren was attracted to the construction industry because it allowed him to work outdoors, with heavy equipment, and to be with people from all walks of life.

Each person that works in the construction industry has memorable projects, or life changing experiences. Darren’s was a recent project with Ducks Unlimited. The project consisted of an earth dam that crossed an active coulee, large coffer dams, a rock chute spillway, and a large borrow pit. There were many challenges to overcome on the project from an inexperienced crew to tight deadlines, working in an environmentally sensitive area, and unexpected site complexities. His leadership, mentoring, and attention to detail contributed to successful completion of the project.

Darren is a natural leader, a problem solver, has a no-quit attitude, and is highly approachable. He stands out because of his compassion, his innate ability to work with challenging personalities, and how he focuses on the development of his crews. He guides his crews to be the best at what they do.

BJ Sylyski, PMP

BJ has over 20 years of project management in equipment production with capital oversight that exceeds $10M/annum. With a bachelor’s degree in Applied Forest Resource Management, and Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, BJ prides himself on meeting tight deadlines, complex deliveries, and technically challenging projects that meet or exceed customer expectation. BJ is an integral member of the Bullin Construction Co. team. He is technically driven, remains focused on schedules, and upholds moral standards.

Donald Wood

Don has nearly two decades of experience in the construction industry as an operator and project manager. He has worked on projects of all sizes from trunk main replacements and stormwater retention ponds to wastewater lagoon upgrades, subdivisions, and deep utility installs.

Don was involved in a career changing project in Cold Lake, Alberta. The project included a storm trunk main installation with a depth of 18 meters. It involved extensive dewatering, a lot of rock and highly talented operators. The job gave Don a deep-seated understanding of how to deal with groundwater and project complexities. He continues to develop skills in groundwater management.

For Don, the sandbox just got bigger. He is fully ticketed with First Aid Level 1 and 2, Confined Space Entry, Fall Protection, Ground Disturbance, H2S Alive, and Leadership for Safety Excellence. He is reliable, dedicated, and trustworthy with precise finishing skills. He takes pride in his work, and leading his crews. Beyond this, Don is first and foremost a family man with a wife, three daughters, and one son.


Andrew Fountain

Andrew is a third-generation water and sewer utility expert with 15-years in the industry. His passion for utility installation grew as he worked alongside his father, with hands-on learning and shared stories. Andrew likes to work with new products and industry innovations to overcome challenges and to gain project efficiencies. Being involved in a wide variety of projects from small private services jobs to industrial subdivisions and landfill expansions, he continues to develop his skills to excel in the industry.

Andrew is a team player. Working together helps everyone solve construction challenges and create the best end product for our customers. He is enthusiastic, dynamic, and straightforward.

Jody Pandachuck

Jody is an industry veteran with over 40 years experience in construction having looked after all aspects of earthworks in the oil and gas sector from scout and survey to reclamation across B.C., Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Today, Jody remains focused on earthworks within the renewables sector and building sites for windfarms. This includes site preparation, road construction, the excavation and backfilling of wind towers, as well as site reclamation. His years in the business bring value to any project.

Throughout his career, Jody has successfully engaged with government agencies around wildlife management, the preservation of historical sites, and working with paleontologists. When earth is moved, amazing things can be uncovered. Working alongside government agencies and stakeholders was required to ensure that all findings were properly dealt with to preserve natural history and to achieve construction objectives.

From his perspective, the reward of a project includes all the steps taken from start to completion, not just the end result. Jody has always enjoyed operating equipment and seeing the power that is transferred from iron to the earth when moving material. Jody is fully ticketed with First Aid, Ground Disturbance, WHIMS, and reclamation certifications. He is a knowledgeable leader and is well organized.

Trevor St. Peter

Trevor is a long-time member of the Bullin Construction Co. team with over two decades in earthworks and construction. He started his career on the pipeline with the dirt work crews, later transitioning into lease building and reclamation, and now civil works. Like other members of our team, Trevor has a passion for earthworks, heavy equipment, problem solving, critical thinking, and people. He has been involved with hundreds of projects, all with something memorable. Two that stand out include the Redcliff landfill project and the Bassano lagoon upgrade. There was a high volume of material to be moved in wet conditions with a high-water table as part of the lagoon upgrade. Navigating these site constraints and conditions led to the successful completion of the project – problem solving, critical thinking, and skilled equipment operation were essential.

Trevor takes pride in, and excels at the organization of tasks to ensure jobs get done in the most efficient way. He has a Class 1, is a certified heavy equipment operator with all his safety tickets. Trevor is polite, hardworking, and efficient.


Jim Drakes

Jim is our shop manager with over a decade of experience in the construction industry. In addition to day-to-day operations of the shop, he is a Class 1 Driver and an operator. He co-ordinates workers and subcontractors, as well as maintains and tracks inventory to ensure the joint success of our projects.  Jim is fully ticketed with First Aid, H2S Alive, and Fall Protection. He is amicable, punctual, and responsible.

Truck Dispatch

Dave Fitzhenry


Derrick Franz

Derrick has worked on equipment his whole life and within the construction industry for nearly a decade. He is our main field mechanic and keeps our equipment moving. To be a successful mechanic, you must have the ability to problem solve, to properly diagnosis the problem, and to complete the repair. Derrick is skilled in each of these tasks and is always ready to learn or try something new. What sets him apart from others is his true passion and interest for working on machines and what can be achieved through continuous improvement. He is self-motivated, reliable, and a team-player.


Shane Matuska

For nearly 40 years, Shane has dedicated himself to mastering the art of dirt, soil, and aggregates. His earlier years saw him making bricks at the IXL plants and running equipment. Transitioning into our company’s aggregates division in 2008, he quickly became our pit foreman.

Shane lives up to the notion that no job is too big or too small. Regardless of what he is presented with, Shane takes on the challenge and is a problem solver – he works well under pressure on large projects to deliver massive quantities of material. It is easy to see that he is passionate about his trade. In addition to this, Shane is a welder and has many safety tickets to keep our pits running safely. 

Shane is determined, trustworthy, reliable, and hardworking. Customers appreciate his attention to detail and fellow employees know they can rely on him to ensure aggregates are ready for their construction projects.

All Bullin Construction Co. employees maintain tickets in accordance with our safety program.

“Achieving the Ultimate”