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Core services include new, upgraded,
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Project management

Wastewater lagoons, ponds, and containment sites

Deep utility installation (water, sanitary, and storm sewers)

Soil testing

Major earthworks

Construction of public spaces and parks

Road construction, bridge profiles, and culverts

Walking trail and pathway construction

Residential, commercial, and industrial subdivision development and servicing

Residential, commercial, and industrial building demolitions with site remediation

Landfill construction, cells, liners, and recycling facilities

Sports field development

Value-added services include:

We shred and compact waste to maximize capacity at landfills

Transfer site hauling

Snow removal and hauling

Equipment rental

We recycle and repurpose materials that can be used for municipal operations – there is lots of value to be gained for our municipal clients – ask us to learn more

Emergency call-outs – we can handle any utility break or infrastructure disruption for our municipal clients

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Heavy Equipment operating at Highway 515 project in southern Alberta

Highway 515

Alberta Transportation

ENGINEER: McIntosh Perry

The project consisted of 14.5 kilometers of Highway 515 road construction. With topsoil stripping and common excavation of 207,500m3, disposal of 25,400 m3 of waste material, 602m of 500mm, 245m of 600mm, 34m of 800mm, and 104m of 900mm culvert replacements, 8,900 tonnes of granular fill, 11,400m2 of stabilization geotextile, 44,220 tonnes of gravel surfacing, 228,400m2 of topsoil placement and seeding, 287m of guardrail, 20 impact attenuators, various erosion control installations, and delineator/sign installations. The project was completed in 2023.

Township Road 170

Cypress County


The project saw 5.0 kilometres of road construction (Township Road 170) in Cypress County. Work included topsoil stripping, and common excavation of approximately 127,450m3, 106m of 500mm, 337m of 900mm culvert replacements, 4,860 tonne of gravel surfacing, 100 tonne of Asphalt Concrete Pavement, 123,651m2 topsoil placement and seeding, 10 kilometers of new fencing, various erosion control installations, and delineator/sign installations. The project was completed in 2023.

Wastewater Treatment Upgrades

Town of Bassano


This project included upgrades to an existing lagoon, its anaerobic and facultative cells, the construction of a new storage cell, the installation of a treated wastewater irrigation system, a sanitary trunk main replacement with one manhole. Significant site dewatering and care of water was required. There was installation of 3270m of 300mm HDPE DR13.5 (trench and bore), pressure tested to 160 PSI and three crossings including a bore under the TransCanada highway #1, Range Road 182 (170m bore), and EID ditch (40m bore). We stripped and placed 215,000m3 of topsoil, with common, borrow, and waste excavation; installation of 49,500m2 of LLDPE liner. The project was completed in 2022.

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Cell 025 Development and Compost Pad

Town of RedclifF


We completed the construction and earthworks for Cell 025. This included 10,100m3 of topsoil stripping and stockpiling, 21,400m3 clay liner, 107,000m3 of rough grading, 3,700m3 of road subgrade, 6,100m2 site access road geotextile, 3,600m3 of a tire shred drainage layer, 3,600m2 tire shred drainage layer geotextile, 14,300m2 geo composite and 7,700m3 topsoil placement, and 51,300m2 of seeding. The leachate collection system consisted of 140m of 200mm pipe, manhole tie-ins, CSP and electrical work. We also built a compost facility. Earthworks included 7,600m3 of topsoil stripping and stockpiling, 6,600m3 clay liner, 2,400m3 rough grading, 3,500m3 road subgrade, 17,800m2 site access road geotextile, 1,900m2 retention pond geomembrane, and 3,000m3 topsoil placement. The compost pad included concrete pad and headwall, a drainage ditch, 750m of HDPE piping, 8 blowers, electrical, four manholes, CSP, 20,000m2 seeding, 830m fence and 380m3 paving. The project was completed in 2021.

Realignment of TWP RD 101, Bridge Demolition, BF 75575 Culvert Installation

Cypress County


Township Road 101 realignment included the construction of 1.9 kilometers of new road to tie into the existing road. Bridge File 75575 culvert installation consisted of two 3.0m x 64m CSP, and concrete end treatments. Bridge demolition included the removal of the existing BF 75575 and removing part of Township Road 101, returning the area to its natural state. Earthworks included 2.34ha of topsoil stripping and placement with 21,000m3 of common excavation. 1.7 kilometres of gravel incorporated with erosion control, drill seeding, and new fencing. The Bridge File was constructed through a wetland. Site isolation and water accommodation were required for this project. Fish capture and release, as well as Total Suspended Solids testing, were also part of the project. Construction was also in an area where Environmental and Paleontology monitoring was required during the entire project. The project was completed in 2021.

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Cavan Lake Canal Headworks Pipe Drop and Canal REHABILITAtioN

Alberta Transportation

Removed three existing pipe drop structures and installed 120m of new 1600mm HDPE between between case-in-place inlet and outfall structures. Constructed one rock drop structure, three pipe drop structures, and improvements on two drain inlet structures. Rehabilitated the canal and its embankments. Developed service roads with new fencing and Texas gates. Care of water and cofferdam were required for this project. Stripped and placed 70,000m3 of topsoil, compacted the embankment, and managed wet/borrow excavation area. The project was completed in 2021.

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