Our Edge

When you have the option to choose from
one or many different contractors,
why choose Bullin Construction Co.?


We are a customer-oriented company, we collaborate, and remain focused on building long-term relationships. When you work with us, you and your project are prioritized.


We are resourceful and this attribute transfers into how we conduct business. Savings for us, means savings for you without jeopardizing the quality or the output of our work.


Projects are successful when there is open communication and shared outcomes. When challenges arise, we sit down and work them through. We look at challenges from all angles to come to a fair resolution – we hold this standard for all project stakeholders.


We are here to get the project done, and done right. When we enter a contract, we resource the project with qualified people, trained in their field, and give them the appropriate equipment to get the job done. We have an excellent track record and a solid reputation with suppliers, financiers, insurance, and bonding companies to deliver on your project needs.


As a general construction contractor that specializes in bulk earthmoving, our capabilities are diverse. We work in a variety of industries from renewables to waste management, and civil construction. Bullin Construction Co. can be relied upon to serve as the prime contractor or subtrade on projects within any industry.


While we appreciate, tried and tested methods of construction, we are also open to try new things, to apply new technologies, and use out of the box thinking. We can adapt to any environment under any circumstance having properly assessed risks to reach project goals and objectives.

What you see is what we deliver. The owners of the company are actively involved in all their projects. They are accessible and take the time to ensure that customers are satisfied with project deliverables, milestones, and outcomes. It matters to us that projects are successful, finished on-time, and within budget.

As a third-generation company, we understand the value of community building, and we support local. We give back to the communities and people we work with. We take pride in this – what matters to you, matters to us. As creators, builders, and problem solvers, we are here to leave a legacy. That starts and ends in our communities.

Bullin Construction Co. provides services on an hourly basis or contractually. We have the capacity to complete projects of all sizes. If we are unable to serve your specific needs, we will provide a referral to one on our business partners or industry relations.

Call our main office any time to discuss your project.


“Achieving the Ultimate”