Our History

Bullin Construction Co. has undergone several transformations over the past 75 years. Jack Bullin, a hardworking businessman founded the company in the early 1950’s in Saskatchewan. Jack was a bulk earthmover and started building tailing ponds for mines in British Columbia. As Bullin Construction Co. grew and diversified so did the name of the company. Tracing its history there was Rock Busters, White Fox Coil Tubing, and White Fox Group Ltd.

Each name was distinct to the company’s service offerings at the time. Naturally, Rock Busters reflected the company’s gravel crushing and gravel processing business segments. White Fox Coil Tubing occurred when the company entered western Canada’s oil and gas sector. The name later changed to White Fox Group Ltd. to capture service industries such as oil and gas, civil construction, gravel crushing, and waste processing. Jack had a love for professional wrestling, and this is how the name White Fox was born. White Fox (WF) logos were a playful way to align Jack’s interest in wrestling and business.

Wrestling says a lot about Jack’s character. He liked competition, he was resourceful, he knew how to think on his feet and with his hands. These were important skills to possess as they translated into his business endeavours. Jack was a hands-on, tough businessman, that worked well into his eighties, passing on the trade to both his son, and grandson.

Stewart Bullin, Jack’s son is an integral part of the company, joining operations in the early 1970’s. Stewart has a keen business sense with an overwhelming amount of knowledge in construction. With over 50-years in the industry, Stewart’s network is as broad as it is deep. He is a designer, and an innovative thinker that knows the value of hard work. He can solve any construction problem and has always been relied on to find “that missing link”. One of his many accomplishments occurred when he designed and patented an ariel platform for coil tubing rigs. The platform helped advance developments in Northern Alberta’s oil and gas sector, and was later sold.

Born into the construction industry, Mike Bullin, Stewart’s son, and Jack’s grandson joined operations in the year 2000. During his early years, Mike mastered the art of heavy equipment operations. He operates equipment with precision, and is a heavy-duty mechanic. With an innate ability to visualize a project, either by viewing design schematics, or bare ground, Mike knows how to properly resource and manage projects. He knows that a project can get complicated. As an out of the box thinker, Mike comes up with solutions to solve expected and unexpected problems. He views unexpected problems as opportunities. With this mindset, Mike continues to focus on diversification and modernization of the company’s business practices meeting the needs of today’s industries as well as helping to solve current day construction challenges. He provides leadership to his crews, and advice to clients, with one aim, to achieve the successful completion of each project.

In 2023, owners, Stewart and Mike decided to retire the name White Fox Group Ltd., to go back to their roots, and bring honour to their founder, Jack Bullin with the name Bullin Construction Co. This name symbolizes a solid foundation and is a representation of the future; we are here without any limitations. As a company, we leverage our resourceful nature to provide unparalleled value to our customers.

At Bullin Construction Co., we are proud of our third-generation status, with youthful prospects to carry on the legacy. We value our people, and our projects. We invite you to check out our construction capabilities and look forward to working with you.

Jack Bullin, Stewart Bullin and Mike Bullin (circa 2000)

Achieving the Ultimate,
Stewart Bullin & Mike Bullin